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Fitflops at home, which is what we usually must not be less pair of shoes , but if you say it to wear out , then it ‘s not a very decent thing. But if it becomes a trend fitflops essential items , then you can try. That tells you now have is the trend fitflops essential items , the internationally renowned brand slippers fashion fitflops Baofeng held a reception in Hong Kong. Here catch reporters to know about it.

International Women’s Day , Baofeng fashion brand with FashionTV held in Los Angeles, the city hot dragon-i joint receptions, at the launch of the first joint family “f. Stylish fitflops .” BAOFENGMODERN will be located in China this summer , the United States and Southeast Asia more than 800 points of sale and Fashion TV global retail shelves.

Celebration cocktail party , wearing a sexy bikini fashion show Fashion TV models , many fashion dancers will dance floor between the T station and shuttle , Dragon-i Queen DJ Helen has even turned the dream party scene fascinated ” Beverly Hills , California ” guests into the perfect position to lead the field and visual senses , which all are for the ” f. stylish slippers “and ready , had to say slippers fashion era has arrived.

French Fashion TV (Fashion TV, FTV) as a fashion leader , set the fashion, beauty and personality in one, founded in 1997, is currently one of the world’s most famous fashion names of the three major television media , is the world ‘s first and only a 24-hour global coverage of fashion channel playback . Fashion TV program content to lock in the perspective of today’s global fashion trends : fashion brands and designers work release show , supermodel introduce and international model competitions , as well as countries such as Fashion Week and Fashion Fair .

German supermodel Aran is also the day to help out, but before the early events Aran has to “f. Fashionable slippers ,” took a group publicity photos , full fashion style. Here also give you the first exposure.

Moreover, each pair of soles are using EVA material , has good flexibility and elasticity , and surface gloss and chemical stability is also very good , so the beauty of the people in the pursuit of fashion but also comfortable to wear .

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LoveJones is directed between the ages of 18 to 30-year-old likes to wear casual, popular and fashionable men design. LoveJones is designed to meet the international metropolis of men’s quality of life, they prefer a unique, clean-cut and simple style, while using high quality, fashionable and innovative fabrics produced clothing.

LoveJones brand was born in 1975, with its simple and pure style to attract global fashion men’s eyes, on behalf of the European men’s fashion brand, but also a model of urban style clothing brand.

LoveJones is very popular in men’s fashion brand, and women’s ONLY, VERO MODA and men belong to Denmark BESTSELLER SELECTED company. They operate a variety of men’s, casual, dress, etc., and various accessories.

LoveJones (LoveJones) Men is designed for smart, sensible, well-educated, enthusiastic social activities of the city light mature male. Wearing Jack Jones (LoveJones) man is modern clothing has its own unique feel, while concerned about the trend of modern international fashion market.

LoveJones is a men’s fashion brands from Europe. He brings the latest fashion trends in Europe, the trend of the development of the most IN, emphasizing the extraordinary personality and positive attitude towards life. New York, London, Paris, Milan and other top international fashion capital in, Jack & Jones will be seen dressed in men’s clothing in the streets.

LoveJones emphasizes personalized design, perfect for the city light mature male vitality, confident, smart, fun, sophisticated masculinity dripping unfolded, full of endless fashion sense, the overall feeling of the rich connotation of branded apparel, so that men regardless is in the business, or be able to show themselves confident in casual occasions.

LoveJones men no formal, artificial sense, into the casual and sportswear casual Chinese campus, while fabrics and colors follow the traditional Italian subtle and delicate. Different brightness, grayscale no color lines so that people lamented that it would mean the infinite gray changing ability.